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On Your Wedding Day Feb 01, 2014 »

On your wedding day, it's so nice to be greeted by the smell of coffee. You are handed a cup by a carpenter who smiles and leans against the counter in the kitchenette. Across the sanctuary you watch as your family arrives to get dressed and ready for the photography.

You look forward to your best friend's arrival. After photos you'll have a few moments to visit before the walk down the aisle, when he will tease you about your ability to first ring the bell nine times in a way that sounds…

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Anxious Groom Feb 01, 2014 »

 An anxious groom took his turn as he and his bride stood before the minister, and read from a letter he'd written to express the changes in his life since he'd met her. Simple words, jumbled and pretty, in a language spoken before only in his own mind. His hushed voice cracked, and he faltered.

Words he'd written with care and knew by heart were mere whispers, yet had caught him unprepared. He collected himself and stood taller, only to find himself helpless to hide the sincerity apparent…

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Starting A New Life Feb 01, 2014 »

Little did we know years ago (1996) when

we came to restore this Victorian church into a home.

We didn't know a stranger would suggest we turn it into a wedding chapel, and say people would want to come here to be married. That an 80 year old member of the past church would love us like family (Aunt Martha turned 90 in April of 2005). Or that those who married here would give us the inspiration for the hard tasks ahead and they would be the reason for our doing them. Or that our friends…

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