Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel
Starting A New Life

Starting A New Life

Little did we know years ago (1996) when

we came to restore this Victorian church into a home.

We didn't know a stranger would suggest we turn it into a wedding chapel, and say people would want to come here to be married. That an 80 year old member of the past church would love us like family (Aunt Martha turned 90 in April of 2005). Or that those who married here would give us the inspiration for the hard tasks ahead and they would be the reason for our doing them. Or that our friends would largely be dreamers, too. But all these things are so, and it has changed our lives forever.

It's a good thing to pray for a spouse.

I'd been single 14 years....and lonely. I didn't know I'd need a carpenter, or that when the minister who married us prayed we'd find a church home, it would be this one. 

Where other area ministers are happy to come to start you on the road of your new life.

It's good to start a life with a prayer.

It could make you watch where the road is leading you, too.

Mary Ellen Oberender

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