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Anxious Groom

Anxious Groom

 An anxious groom took his turn as he and his bride stood before the minister, and read from a letter he'd written to express the changes in his life since he'd met her. Simple words, jumbled and pretty, in a language spoken before only in his own mind. His hushed voice cracked, and he faltered.

Words he'd written with care and knew by heart were mere whispers, yet had caught him unprepared. He collected himself and stood taller, only to find himself helpless to hide the sincerity apparent in each line he read, his truth underscored by the tears that dropped unbidden on his face and every tremble that passed through his body.

It took him ten minutes to read her that letter. For ten minutes we were held captive in the intimacy of his true unguarded thoughts. Ten minutes, motionless, struck by the beauty of the sun's glow upon their faces and the tears that slipped glistening, too, from the heart of his bride's transfixed expression. Ten minutes we were all suspended in a heaven of love.

Elopement experience in 2002

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