If you have longed to speak your vowsin an old-fashioned church that sits among the gardens,where the sun's light filters through stained-glass windows, music echoes sweetly, and the candles' glow beckons you to speak of unending love; come to Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel and those who await the fulfillment of your fondest dreams.

Dallas Center, Iowa's Wedding Chapel - Candle Lit Way

Stained glass windows compelled Dan and MaryEllen Oberender to purchase this 1883 Dallas Center treasure for renovation into a home, but the weight of many memories related to them by previous church members moved them to do otherwise. What was to have been their private residence became Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel, a place of quiet beauty within the confines of their gardens.

Dan and…

Starting A New Life

Little did we know years ago (1996) when

we came to restore this Victorian church into a home.

We didn't know a stranger would suggest we turn it into a wedding chapel, and say people would want to come here to be married. That an 80 year old member of the past church would love us like family (Aunt Martha turned 90 in April of 2005). Or that those who married here would give us the…


This short video is a TV add we ran a few years ago. We thought you might like to see it.

Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel is truely a town treasure. Built in 1883 as a Methodist Church, it was sold to the Brethern in Christ in 1947. In 1996 Dan and MaryEllen bought the church intending to convert it into their home. After having heard from a complete stanger that it would make a wonderful wedding chapel, they had second thoughts. Later, well wishes came from family and friends when they   decided to restore the church, creating the Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel. Now this beautiful building is available for weddings, parties and memorial services.                   

Imagine your next event being held at this amazing location.

Check out these pictures of the exterior:

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